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How to make time for yoga – 3 easy tips.

On a busy day, it can be a real struggle to make time for a yoga practice despite our best intentions.

It's easy to feel guilty when you take time for yourself when there are so many other things that need to be done.

Or let your focus go to the next load of washing or emptying the dishwasher rather than getting your mat out.

Do you find that you spend time scrolling on your phone instead of focusing on something that can make you feel mentally calmer and physically stronger?


Of course, we all have days when we just have so much to do that it feels overwhelming. But how can we shift it to really focus on what is a priority for our wellbeing?

If you want to add more yoga to your day - here are a few things I do to help me prioritise my practice...

1. Switch out the negative thoughts

When I least want to get my yoga mat out is probably the time when I need it the most!

Whenever the thoughts of 'I'll do it tomorrow' or 'I am too tired today' start to come up I remind myself of this. I know that I always feel good after doing yoga and this is a great motivator on those days when it seems easier not to get on the mat. I realise these are my thoughts self-sabotaging me...and that I can change them if I want to!

2. Make it easy to do

Recently I have been doing my morning yoga practice in my pyjamas - I don't worry about getting into leggings or my beautiful yoga gear. I simply get up, roll out my mat and start. I have found the more complicated I try to make my yoga the less likely I am to do it. Find your easy routine so it becomes automatic...just like brushing your teeth.

3. Remove the distractions

I am the first to admit that my relationship with my phone can be unhealthy! I try to set boundaries on what and when I use my phone for. Prioritising the use of apps instead of social media platforms to avoid the potential to get lost or completely side-tracked. Making sure I have time that is completely social media-free so I can concentrate on what my body needs. A quick look at the time tracker on your phone can be a sobering reminder that there is time in the's up to us where we focus it!

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