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4 ways to embrace career changes - even when it feels scary!

Change is a funny thing - we often seek big life changes, and when they come along, it can be tricky to deal with. We might want to change our work hours, have more flexibility, have a better work-life balance, and a better work environment.

Sometimes when change starts to happen, it can feel uncomfortable, uncertain and a little scary! The fear of failure and the unknown can hold us back. We start asking ourselves if the grass is really greener on the other side?

I am someone who would say that I love change but yet I still find myself resisting at times, despite being passionate about the outcome.

Here are a few ideas to help you through your own changes from what I have learned along my winding road...

(living in 5 different countries, moving house numerous times, switching to a non-clinical career, becoming a yoga teacher and a coach, creating my own businesses, moving from the city to build an eco-farm in the mountains......)

1. Observe

Take a look at how you react to change in your life. Here on the farm, the change in the seasons is a great reminder that to change how I react to change around me. I see the resistance that comes up as we move into autumn - still hanging on to my sandals even though I love so much what autumn brings. It helps me to take a step back when bigger changes are happening to observe how I am responding....what is holding me back and am I self-sabotaging the future. Is there something that I need to explore about holding on to the old me?

2. Visualise

Keeping focused on why you want a change can not only keep you motivated but can help you implement the change you want in your life. Many years ago I started to visualise the life that I have now to keep it forefront when I was making key decisions about my future. Holding on to a deep sense of knowing that I would eventually live the life I wanted, in the place I wanted to be. Visualising my future self in minute detail helped me to embody what this would look and feel like.

3. Embrace uncertainty

This one can be a challenge. A key part of this for me has been realising that life can sometimes feel uncomfortable and that is ok, but to embrace that feeling as part of the process. Realising that many changes in our lives may be out of our control and to be in a place of acceptance with it. Instead of fighting with the discomfort, or trying to sweep it under the carpet to simply let it be there and experience it fully.

4. Be still

Stillness with meditation and silence is not only calming and grounding but can allow a sense of being safe in the present moment. Finding a way to retreat, even by taking a few moments out of your day can allow a reset. I love silent meditation retreats to empty my mind and find this stillness. Even taking a few minutes in the garden or your favorite chair by the fire can create a ritual for you to retreat to when change starts to feel a little bumpy.

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Image by Jared Rice on Unsplash


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