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Dr Rachel Beanland, Physician Coach and Founder of Resilience


I want to help you to create
your best life

Hello! I'm Rachel - a Public Health Medicine Specialist, mindfulness meditation teacher and physician coach. 

I help doctors transition to a flexible career outside full-time clinical medicine. Through mindful physician coaching packages, doctors like you gain better control of their time, have more work/life balance and make a bigger impact through their medical career.

Rachel Beanland, Physician Coach, outside


Rachel Beanland, physician coach, holding coffee

15 years ago I was working in hospital medicine and while I loved the interaction with patients, the teamwork with my colleagues and the opportunities for learning, I felt drained of energy. My life outside the wards was chaotic; I couldn’t commit to classes I would sign up for, I often missed important occasions with friends and family, and I had zero time to prioritize my own health.

I knew I wanted to find a meaningful career path and make a bigger impact. I knew I wanted to feel fulfilled by my work but not at the expense of my well-being. I felt stuck and burned out…

I couldn’t find any role models or mentors that inspired me. I felt trapped by the studying I had already put in. I didn’t want to throw away my previous training. The fear of failure was immense. But then I realized that the joy of medicine is the diversity, the joy of life is that we are all unique and we can create our own paths to happiness. Amazing work-life balance is possible for doctors and looks different for everyone!

Fast forward….and I love my chosen specialty of Public Health, I love working to improve the health of populations around the world and I continue to make conscious decisions about what the world of medicine means to me…with a healthy body and mind! I have been able to explore my passion for mindfulness and meditation and moments of chaos are few and far between!

Finding my purpose in the world of mindfulness and physician coaching

I first tried yoga in my '20s, and although infrequent and chaotic (mirroring my lifestyle at the time) the sense of calm I experienced is a lasting memory. 

Since 2012 I have expanded my yoga and meditation practice. Mindfulness techniques have accompanied me to a new country to call home and a more conscious way of living. I created Resilience Yoga after completing my yoga teacher training in the olive groves of Portugal in 2019.

Mindfulness helps me to calm anxiety and overwhelm. I feel more in control and empowered to live an authentic life. It has helped me to create my own path, find balance in an unbalanced world and make a bigger impact in my medical career.


Now, I support other doctors in creating their own unique paths in medicine, sharing the mindful techniques I have learned along the way. Physician coaching and mindfulness meditation teacher training, combined with my expertise in behavior change allow me to help other female doctors to live a life they love.   

My love of nature guided my choice of a home in the French Pyrenees where I connect with my clients online. I can often be found walking barefoot in my garden, where the ever-changing vegetables and fruits serve as a reminder that we are moving forward. Escaping to the peace and tranquillity of the mountains is a favourite activity of mine, even better with a yoga mat in my rucksack. 

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Rachel Beanland, physician coach, doing yoga
Yoga Alliance Professionals
School of Positive Transformation
Certified meditation and mindfulness teacher
Action Learning Associates Facilitator Trained

Dr. Rachel Beanland is a Public Health Medicine specialist (M.D), physician coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. Rachel lives in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains in France where she supports clients with online offers and lives a low-carbon lifestyle. She is passionate about holistic approaches to well-being and is on a mission to help doctors create mindful flexible careers so they can make a greater impact.

Rachel Beanland, physician coach, meditating outside

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Join me for Season 1 of the podcast where I have engaging conversations with women in medicine to explore how they consciously find ways to live more mindfully and be their authentic self. 

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