I help doctors leave clinical medicine so they can have a better work-life balance, and more time to follow their passions and live their dream life.

  • Are you looking for an alternative career that gives you a better work-life balance?

  • Do you want to prioritise your health and well-being to feel stronger and more in control? 

  • Would you like to feel more centred and grounded, and less impacted by events happening around you? 

  • Do you wish you could find a rhythm that you can stick with and a balance between your priorities? 

Sign up for a 60-minute complimentary discovery call https://calendly.com/resilienceyoga/60min


The 1:1 programme is perfect if you want to:


  • Identify a new career path that allows you to live your dream life.

  • Be open to new approaches to improving your health and well-being. 

  • Make time for yourself to try new activities. 

  • Create mental space and a healthy mindset to be in control of your life. 

  • Implement small steps that will result in a significant change.  


Our mentoring relationship will be based on accountability, trust and respect. You will receive personalised sessions, designed to meet your current needs to set goals, plan changes and try new practices. I will introduce you to a variety of evidence-based techniques that can support positive behaviour change. By working together over a period of time you will be able to identify what works for you, continue the rhythms, feel stronger and see a positive impact on your work-life balance.