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Thriving - the Authentic Tea podcast with Arpita

Yoga has always been part of Arpita's daily life. Growing up in India Arpita was living yoga from morning until bed without defining it as yoga. Arpita believes that yoga is a lifestyle and can teach us how to live our lives and to get to know ourselves better. In March 2020 Arpita felt a need to serve the community and to provide support to healthcare professionals working on the frontline. Arpita has a Facebook Group Thriving, not Surviving Healthcare Professionals where is able to support people to find peace and calm while they are serving the community. Arpita's mission is to create a thriving healthcare professionals community around the world.

Episode 11 of the Authentic Tea podcast featured Rach's chat with Arpita:

Rach (00:00):

Today, I'm super excited to be sharing this episode with Arpita. Arpita is a Yogi, a life coach and creator of Neom coaching. And Arpita has got a growing online community for thriving healthcare professionals, by sharing her own story. She has developed a safe place for others to share and acknowledge their own ability to thrive. Arpita is offering yoga and self-integration programs for healthcare professionals to take ownership of health, wellness, and joy in amongst many other wonderful offerings. So welcome.

Arpita (00:35):

Thank you. I'm really excited to be here because I feel like it is amazing what, what work you're doing is really amazing. So I'm really excited to share like how healthcare professionals can be thriving while serving others. Yeah. Thank you.

Rach (00:51):

You and I met through your Facebook group, which is called Thriving, Not Surviving Healthcare Professionals. So maybe you can just tell us a little bit about how that group started and what the purpose of the community that you've been building there is.

Arpita (01:06):

So I think that story starts in last, like pandemic, like when pandemic really started, I think in Australia, like I'm based in Australia. So here started really started building up from March, 2020. And at that time, like globally, I was feeling really that like from my heart, I was feeling the need to help this community, this world, not just a particular community, this world. And it was at that point that it was bringing tears to my eyes when I was talking through it. So it was like really like that immense need for me to serve the community somehow. And then I was like, what I can do that can help, like that can make the biggest impact. And that's where the like thought popped into my mind. How about I create the community for healthcare professionals who are working really, really hard during this pandemic.

Arpita (02:06):

Like they're like all the healthcare professionals are putting their own life at risk, their own life, their family life at risk for the community. Right? So what if I can do something for them to make their life a little easier by providing that support to them. And that's where this group started. So initially I started with like just yoga for healthcare professionals. And I do believe that yoga is the way of life, but then I realized that as a health care professionals, they are always living in, in that bubble that, Oh, our life is about surviving. You know that, Oh, this is struggle is a part of our life. And that's how we should be living. And I'm like, no, that's not true. I have seen, like, I have seen many healthcare professionals who have created that balance in their lives, I have helped many healthcare professionals to change that.

Arpita (03:03):

So I was like, no, that's not true. And that's where I changed the name of the group to thriving, not surviving healthcare professionals, because I do believe that healthcare professionals can be serving others at the same time, still feeling really great in their body. So the, my purpose is to create that thriving healthcare community around the world. Like it is like right now, it is very small community, but I know if I am, it is going to be a ripple effect. Like I help healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals are serving so many more, right? They are serving the community. So if they are feeling, they are really thriving in their life. If they are feeling resilient in the life, when they're serving others, they will be serving from that place of resilience. And that will bring the resilience in their patients, in their colleagues. And that will make that ripple effect like that radical change in this whole world. You know? So that is, I think that is my purpose. And when I'm saying that it always fires me up. I'm like, so fired up to talk about it you know.

Rach (04:16):

And it's wonderful because you can hear the passion of you talking about it. So it's a wonderful feeling and you say it's small, but I think you have nearly 1200, 1600. This is a good size,

Arpita (04:33):

But it is just starting, I feel like they are just now slowly. They can really realize like what I'm trying to say, because, so my first student from my group, she was like she, she's my like one-on-one student as well right now, and she was like, you have chosen the hardest profession to help like they healthcare professionals don't want to be helped. And now she is seeing the change and says like, no, you are doing the amazing work. And I'm so happy that you are doing this. That slowly, everyone is starting to see that. And I'm, I'm happy to give my, all my, all my, all of me to make this change, because I know if healthcare professionals are thriving, whole world will be better, please, you know? Yeah.

Rach (05:28):

So wonderful to hear you say that and from such a place of passion and love. It's just, it's amazing. So I know that within your group, you also have a set of kind of core values that you try to share about thriving healthcare professionals. Maybe you can explain why you felt it was important to develop something around values and maybe give us a flavor of what's contained in them.

Arpita (05:53):

Well, what I have noticed in our group is like talking to all these healthcare professionals. One thing I have found common is like all the healthcare professionals, they are, they are so absorbed in serving others, that they keep forgetting themselves. So they are always, always going out, like they will go out of their way to serve others. But when it comes to themselves, they don't do the same thing. So that's why I was like, this core values are really needed for them to, it is because the change can start from here. So if the mindset is changed, then everything else will change. So these core values are really designed to help them to change their thinking, that know what you have to serve yourself. And if you don't serve yourself, you can serve others as well. You know, we can't serve from an empty cup. Yeah,

Rach (06:52):

I totally agree. I really love that. The empty cup is a, is a super analogy. It's definitely so important. I think also what you really encourage in the group is people sharing stories and sharing their own experience of their work and their feelings of overwhelm and burnout. And you also have shared your own story. So maybe you could give us a little clip into that and how you realized when you were at that point that you were close to burnout and how you managed to overcome that point in your life.

Arpita (07:27):

I think my, my story started, like I don't come from the big world of healthcare profession, so I was not in the field. It was through pandemic that I felt the need to work with them. But my burnout came from like, when I was going through the personal, like, you know, personal hard time, like there was some personal issues going on and I was new mother. So I was trying to, you know, I was trying to be there for my daughter. I was like on outside. I was always happy. I was always like, no one would think. And I started doing like bodybuilding. So I was really body building. So in physical shape I was looking perfect. So no one would see that inside I'm dying. It was like that. And that's that like, it was I was like mentally and emotionally, always exhausted because I was hiding behind working like all the time on working or I'm always there to care for my daughter or doing that in the gym for my bodybuilding.

Arpita (