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5 ways to be more in the present moment

Do your thoughts constantly take you away from the present moment?

Do you find yourself thinking about something else when you wish you could just be present in what is going on right now, and with the people around you?

Before I expanded my yoga and meditation practice I was constantly in this mode and less and less in the present moment. My head can easily be full of thoughts about what has happened - replaying conversations and events or what might come in the future.

It's an ongoing practice for me to bring myself back to the 'here and now'

When I want to feel more grounded and in the present moment, I do these 5 things:

1. Walk barefoot and connect to the earth

Take off your shoes and socks and walk a few steps barefoot. Feel how the earth beneath your feet is supporting you. Find the place where this feels amazing...maybe the garden or the beach! Want to know why this feels so good? Add The Earthing Movie to your watch list.

2. Connect to my breath

Close your eyes and watch your breath as you inhale and exhale 5 times and notice how your body starts to relax. By focusing on the breath you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce feelings of anxiety. Read more to learn some simple pranayama techniques that you can add to your day.

3. Read something positive and inspiring

Find a book that fills you with positivity or shares a story of inspiration. Even a few lines of uplifting words are enough to improve your mood. Even better, add reading to a mindful practice with your favourite cup of tea, or place to sit undisturbed. I recommend anything by Michael Singer if you want to explore living more mindfully and spiritually. Start with An Untethered Soul.

4. Write down my thoughts

Grab a pen and paper and download! A simple approach is to write 1. How you are feeling and what's been going on 2. Affirmations for how you would like to be and 3. What you feel grateful for today. If you need a little help, journal prompts can be a great place to start. Try out the Year of You by Hannah Braime

5. Meditate

Adding meditation to your day will help you feel like the weight has been lifted. The more regularly you meditate the more benefit you will see. Even 5 minutes of meditation will help you feel calmer and more grounded. Here's one of my most popular meditations for relieving anxiety.

This all sounds simple, but simple isn't always easy.....That's why I work closely with my clients to help them create and implement mindful approaches and transform their approach to life. I love sharing the tools, resources and approaches I have used to create my dream balance to life.

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