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Taking it slowly

Today saw my first run for some time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been listening to my body and nourishing it as much as possible. For the last couple of months, this has led me to an early morning walk to see the sunrise and chat with the birds, followed by my yoga practice. Any urge to raise my heart rate or join in more vigorous physical activity has been relatively limited. But this morning I woke up and felt like going for a run. Cue a brisk walk to the local running track and a gentle re-introduction to moving my legs a little faster than usual.

I felt awake and alive, and most of all, entirely in tune with my body and breath. It reminded me of a similar pattern I observed during my Yoga Teacher Training. Before arriving in Portugal last summer, I felt apprehensive about having limited contact with the outside world (in hindsight it was excellent preparation for COVID confinement). But the process of gentle movement, listening to what my body needed and staying present gave me a great sense of gratitude and contentment. Patience with my body and mind were there without needing to ask for it.

Today I also thought about the principle of detachment - not forcing situations to go my

way. By allowing self-kindness into my life, I feel fulfilled with moving my body gently or allowing myself to believe I could be the next Olympic track hopeful. Who knows when my next run will be, but I will be sure to let my body be the guide. Now back to the mat...

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Photo by Sapan Patel on Unsplash


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