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Equanimity - the Authentic Tea podcast with Cheryl

Equanimity is an aim for Cheryl on and off the yoga mat!

Cheryl is the host of The Mindfull Medic Podcast and explores the lived experience of colleagues, mentors and other healthcare professionals in her episodes who have inspired her through her clinical career.

Cheryl has developed her expertise in yoga and yoga therapy and is supporting her colleagues to improve their health and wellbeing and incorporate aspects of self-care and self-regulation into their lives.

Cheryl also chats about connecting to nature, trail running and the sense of community and acceptance that can come from moving together.

For Episode 25 it was fabulous to chat with Cheryl and hear more about her passions of medicine and yoga and how she is sharing her skills with the world.

In this episode, Cheryl shares how her passions in emergency medicine, sports medicine and lifestyle medicine are combining in her career path and has provided her opportunities to contribute to workplace wellbeing.

Rachel (00:00):

Today I'm joined by Cheryl and Cheryl is the host of The Mindful Medic podcast. Cheryl is a yoga teacher, emergency medicine practitioner, and is joining us from the other side of the world in Hobart Tasmania. Through her podcast, Cheryl creates a community and is sharing stories to inspire others to maintain their health and wellbeing and develop self-compassion and self-care practices. Welcome, Cheryl.

Cheryl (00:24):

Thank you very much, Rachel. It's a real honor.

Rachel (00:28):

Well, thank you for being here today. As you are on a podcast, let's talk about your podcast The Mindful Medic. You're now in your second season and I know you've been able to reach a global audience with it. Maybe you could share a little bit about why you started the podcast and the message that you're sharing through your episodes.

Cheryl (00:47):

As we've all said, I find the podcast medium a powerful medium. I think I probably have been on board with podcasts since the very first wave of their arrival and they were obviously quite exciting. They had a bit of a hiatus then again in the past couple of years, we've seen more and more probably exponentially increasing. For me, I thought about it for a while. And somebody had told me not to let perfect be the enemy of good enough and I think it did stick. Probably the pandemic came and there's some bit of time and space and not being able to do some other things and to think, "Well, do you know what?" "If not now, when?"

Cheryl (01:29):

I have a friend who has a good podcast. I have to probably give him a plugin. Andrew Davies is an intensive care doctor here in Australia and he has a couple of very good podcasts. The New Normal Project is more a lifestyle medicine podcast that him and his wife had and then he's now got a very popular intensive care podcast, Mastering Intensive Care. He's really my podcast mentor and we probably talk about mentors and I really enjoyed listening to his.

Cheryl (02:01):

I reached out to him and said, "I've got this idea. I'd like to do it." He said, "Just do it." Again, don't let perfect be the enemy of good enough. Also I think when you're podcasting, the best advice I can give you is to podcast for yourself. Not really caring who you're reaching, who you're speaking out to. Do it for you and do something that you would like to listen to.

Cheryl (02:26):

I think what are the ideas would be things that I've been working on like yourself for a little while and maybe a little bit off piece to other areas of medicine and other areas, marrying that professional and personal, particularly with the yoga, the lifestyle medicine, the sports. I think you'll agree to say it's a journey, it's a creative space. It's like a hobby and it's something I really enjoy. Yeah, I think that's why I do it. I think if anybody else gets something from that, then all the better. The very fact that I'm here talking to you tells you about the power of this because the most heartwarming thing for me is being actually meeting people and collaborating and connecting and learning from them and sharing stories. I think that's the beauty of it.

Rachel (03:13):

I agree. It's a wonderful format, isn't it? To be able to connect with people and to learn from each other and to learn from stories A big part of wanting to share this podcast was really to inspire other women, to show that women in medicine are doing all sorts of fantastic things. With your episodes, what type of things are you sharing with your audience?

Cheryl (03:34):

Again, it's evolving. I started with a bit more of lifestyle medicine. I've done a bit of sports medicine. I'm quite interested in lifestyle aspects of medicine and I've come to various conferences and other trainings in touch with other professionals. I actually started with two very strong women in medicine who've inspired me. Gretta is a rural GP in Victoria and I met her at one of the Australian-lifestyle medicine conferences. She had had a very traditional GP for 20 years and has in the past couple of years set up her own rural practice in the Grampians and she's [inaudible] The Lifestyle Medicine Conference. She still has her conventional GP practice but she's adding so many other areas of her lifestyle and practice.

Cheryl (04:27):

She does things like the shared medical appointments, the walk with the doctors, she goes shopping with her patient. She does like the park run. She's great at creating community. I mean, she's fantastic. I loved listening to her and marrying that art and science and I think that's the thing and making it your own. She really walks the talk. I think a lot of people that have connected through my podcasts, they're people that inspire me and they do walk the talk. That was Gretta.

Cheryl (04:58):

Then I also had one of my colleagues who is a sports medicine specialist. I did a little bit of training with this two in college. Again, Brandy had just opened her own practice. She had just become a fellow of the Australian culture sports medicine. Again, similar things, we talked about exercise and lifestyle prescription and all of the great things that she's doing. I think the other important thing is how they marry that and maintain balance.

Cheryl (