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Connecting across continents

This year I have spent a lot of time trying (and not always succeeding) to use technology mindfully. I realised that my relationship with my smartphone was not necessarily a healthy one. At a time where a virtual connection is vital to maintaining many relationships, for me this often requires boundary setting, introspection and some pretty hard questions about what I am seeking when I pick up a cold lifeless piece of metal.

Living in an ever-connected world can be overwhelming. It's not often that I find moments when I feel in awe of what technology can achieve - particularly when the pings of notifications act like constant taps on the shoulder. This week was the exception!

A dear friend and fellow yogi, who is an incredibly talented photographer, worked with us to create a truly magical moment. With the power of technology, Saige was able to remotely control our camera, using some genius software and a video connection. It felt like Saige was with us in our garden, despite being across the ocean in Florida. It was beautiful to be able to share our little space of green and be gently guided by a friendly voice.

We made a connection full of meaning and love, and with Saige's help created a moment to cherish. We were left with an appreciation and awe of the power of technology and a thirst for more meaningful connections. Thank you, Mr Smartphone for allowing two souls to connect - I look forward to the next time!

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