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Appreciating the moment

When was the last time you sat in stillness - really still with no distractions and no thoughts of what tasks to tick off the to-do list, what to eat for dinner or who to call for a catch-up chat? This weekend I found a beautiful spot to sit, high up on the mountainside and allowed myself to do just that. I realised it had been a while since I had given myself this space and time, and it was much needed. Sitting still and breathing in the fresh air and the beauty of mountains was a moment to connect - connect to me and connect to the environment.

After finding my little spot, I took off my shoes, made myself comfy and took time to meditate. Meditating outside has always been a favourite of mine, the feel of the earth supporting me and the freshness of the air allows me to go deeper and removes many of life's distractions. It also eased my 'doing' mind and body into a mode of 'being'.

Spending a few hours, sitting, looking, and just being was incredibly energising. An opportunity to notice the smaller things around me, the curl of the leaves, the depth of colour on the alpine flowers and the sound of water whirling in the stream below. Even though it was a busy day in the mountains, now at the height of the summer hols, I could feel calm and tranquillity.

I took the opportunity to allow my senses to recalibrate, to feel, smell, hear and see nature's true self, not coated in shiny material things. Of course, a flask of tea and a homemade cookie were in my rucksack so I could also energise my taste buds - after all, what would a spot in the mountains be without a mini picnic!

Walking mindfully back down the valley, I re-entered the day ahead, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything that came my way. Knowing that my little spot or another little spot equally beautiful will be waiting for me when I next seek it.

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