Time passes only for those who are watching

Time lingers when no-one can see

Time exists forever

Now is where the truth remains for us to be

Today I thought I would share a few lines of a poem written last June. Writing is a massive part of my daily life but mostly in a formal setting and not often in a more flowing creative sense. As my meditation and yoga practice expanded, I rediscovered that it is also great to allow myself to use writing as a creative outlet. During my yoga teacher training, I would start each day sitting with a hot tea watching the sunrise and putting pencil to paper and allowing the thoughts to flow. At some point, this turned into writing short poems based on what I could see around me and how I felt that day.

It reminded me of a dear teacher who would encourage us to pick up three photos, dutifully cut from magazines, that seemed intriguing and to write a poem about them. At the time, aged 10 I didn't really think about how beautiful this practice was. Reflecting now, I can see the wisdom to her suggestion and the benefit of allowing the mind to search for words and be led by creativity.

As a child, I would write all the time, so it's probably no surprise that my expression of myself feels very natural in the written form. I loved having penpals, ranging from new friends met on school trips, to friends who had moved to new places and sometimes friends of friends in far-flung countries. I relished receiving news from my penpal in Russia, who I never met, but somehow these interactions taught me more about the power of words and connection than I probably knew at the time. My shoebox of crumpled letters was a sentimental memento of a time gone by for many years.

This year I found myself returning to writing poetry during the height of the pandemic restrictions - this time composing a Haiku each day to describe my thoughts, emotions and experiences. While the majority of these remain in my notebook for my eyes only, it's a beautiful way to see my life written down and an incredible resource to refer back to when I crave reassurance or perspective.

Maybe social media can replace the need for handwritten words but for me, I would feel lost without a journal and pencil by my side. It allows me to be present in the moment and free to express my truth as creatively as I can.

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