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How I added wellness to my medical career without worrying what people think

Despite pursuing my career in Public Health and feeling fulfilled by my work I knew that something was missing.

I wanted to expand how I practised medicine in a way that focused more on wellness.

I had developed a strong belief in holistic health from my expertise in preventive medicine and from my practice of yoga and other mindfulness approaches.

I knew that I wanted to be a yoga teacher and add this to my portfolio career.

Even though I had made big changes to my medical career over the years, I still faced a lack of self-belief that I could truly create my path.

Could I combine my passions for holistic approaches to create a more flexible career?

I still had fear about what other people would think or say and their opinions on whether I should be following my next big dream!

After years of training to get where I was – was it ok to be something new and to make another change?

But I knew that I will be happier if I explored what being a yoga teacher looked like for me!

I took a deep dive into my current situation and how I got to where I was. I looked at the lessons I could learn from other big decisions. I examined what I wanted and the motivations - and what was holding me back from moving forward into a more balanced and fulfilling career.

This helped me realise that every experience I have in my career is additive. It only makes me a better doctor with more to offer the world. I reframed what a flexible career including wellness looked like for me.

It allowed me to feel freer and give myself the permission to explore other opportunities…and now I love calling myself a Doctor and a Yoga Teacher!

Here are 3 things I did!

1. Unpacked my beliefs

Looking at what I believed deep down about how work contributes to life helped me to reframe what I wanted my career to look like. I started to explore what a truly fulfilled and joyful career looked like for me. How could following my passions help me to a more balanced and authentic version of myself? What was it that I wanted to share about wellness with other people, and why was this so important to me?

2. Explored my expectations

I thought about the expectations I held for myself and my career and why they were there. Did they really come from other people or were they a reflection of what I thought and the expectations I held for myself? I started to challenge these one by one to uncover what was holding me back from making a change I really wanted.

3. Released the fear of failure

Stepping into something new felt outside my comfort zone, despite having made many changes to my career before. Doubts started to rise of ‘maybe I will be no good at this’, ‘what if I try it and don’t enjoy it’. To move forward from these I had to let go of the fear of failure and replace fear with excitement and possibility.

If you are struggling with adding your passion for wellness to create your own flexible career outside of full-time medicine, my Transition & Transform Program can help you to control your time, have more balance in your life and make a bigger impact!

If you want to learn more you can book a discovery call - just click on the link below and find a time that works for you!

Image by kike vega on Unsplash


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