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Embrace Change and Build Your Dream Career: Overcome 3 Key Barriers

When doctors come to me for coaching support, they have usually been considering a career change for a long time….sometimes so long that it feels like forever!

They find themselves at a crossroads…a point where they seek change.

Being driven, hardworking, and motivated, they have reached a point in their career that looks fantastic on paper…but the reality can often feel far removed from their dream life!

They have often started to resent their working environment and want to find time to make a change without the fear of financial uncertainty and failure holding them back.

They are longing to find more purpose, connection, and fulfillment…

At the same time, they have that work-life balance that allows them to feel 100%...the partner, parent, friend, and family member they genuinely want to be…living with no regrets and embracing the life they have always dreamed of.

As a professional coach, I support them on their own transformation journey – to create a flexible career outside of full-time clinical medicine.

At the start of our coaching relationship we work on 3 initial barriers that have stopped them from moving towards their goals and transitioning into their dream lives with confidence.

1. Thinking outside the box

Together we explore all their skills and experience up to this point. Recognizing that all are incredibly valuable and can be used to pivot into a different field, one that lights them up and allows them to make a bigger impact and leave a legacy in the world. By opening up to new and sometimes unconventional paths, they find opportunities to implement their uniqueness, ones that align with their passions. Focusing on what is possible, and moving away from what didn’t feel aligned, allows them to build up the confidence to take a new path.

2. Letting go of guilt

My clients work with me to acknowledge that holding on to the guilt of leaving patients, colleagues, and organizations does not serve or allow them to prioritize their needs. Starting to unravel the expectations that hold them back and re-positioning them so they can say goodbye to one chapter and create a new one. Keeping their needs truly at the forefront of their next career step so they create a future with authenticity.

3. Daring to dream bigger

I support my clients to share their voices with people around them who will champion them and share their values and visions. Boldly sharing their passions is a huge component of a successful career transition. Dreaming bigger and believing the possibility allows them to step into that version of their best selves at work…and home!

Are you looking for more clarity for your next career step? Would you like a clearer idea of where you want to head to? Do you want to find your true purpose so you can live your best life?

I work with my coaching clients to help them get greater clarity so they can find and create a flexible career they love. If you want to find out more about my coaching programs, book a free discovery call


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