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Breaking Free: Silencing the Inner Critic and Unleashing Your True Potential in Career and Life

I used to look at other people in a particular role, doing a job or exploring a new passion or activity, thinking, ‘That’s not for someone like me’.

This was how I often looked at things at med school and in the first years of my clinical career.

I would see something intriguing but convince myself that I didn’t have enough experience or the necessary skills or that it just wasn’t attainable…..for me. Yes, other people could follow that path…but not for me.

It would stop me from moving forward.

I wanted to follow my dreams, explore the adventure, and find a career path where I felt fulfilled and could make a bigger impact.

I wanted the courage to take that next step without that voice holding me back.

Maybe you recognize this in yourself. That voice that tells you…that’s for someone else. That inner critic that holds you back from pursuing your dreams.

If I continued listening to my inner critic, I would be miserable. I would live a life filled with regret and not give myself the chance to live a life aligned with my values.

I realized I needed to silence my inner critic to be able to take those steps in my career transition.

To step into believing that the ‘sky is your limit’, ‘the world is your oyster’…whatever analogy you want to use.

The world is there to be explored…and we can all equally explore it to achieve our dreams.

Silencing my inner critic allowed me to leave full-time clinical medicine, work overseas, emigrate, work for the UN, become a yoga and meditation teacher, train as a coach, and continue to create my dream life and career. I would never have been able to do any of those things without shifting this belief.

This has helped me to feel free… dream bigger and brighter and set exciting goals.

Here are three ways I started to silence my inner critic…so you can, too!

1. Observe what your inner critic is saying

Figure out exactly what this voice is saying to you and when it starts to talk. By identifying these thoughts, you can begin to see them simply as those…thoughts…and create a sense of separation from what is reality. Hearing your inner critic as if coming from a third person can help distance yourself and make it easier to acknowledge and dismiss it.

2. Focus on positivity and possibility

Stay focused on your motivation for taking that next step and what it will bring into your life. Refocus your thoughts on what you are moving to instead of what you are moving away from. Switch out the negative thoughts and beliefs to make room for positivity and possibility.

3. Visualize success

Visualization is a powerful tool to manifest and make your dreams a reality. Take time to get clear on what your goals look and feel like when you will accomplish them. This visualization can be your compass as you move forward.

Are you looking for more clarity for your next career step? Would you like a clearer idea of where you want to head to? Do you want to find your true purpose so you can live your best life?

I work with my coaching clients to help them get greater clarity so they can find and create a flexible career they love. If you want to find out more about my coaching programs, book a free discovery call


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