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Being comfortable being uncomfortable

This has been the topic of conversation in our household quite a lot recently. I listened to a podcast on my morning walk where the guest mentioned she took cold showers in the morning to remind herself of being uncomfortable - and work on being comfortable with this sensation. It may sound like a hideous thing to do first thing in the morning -shock your body with cold water - but the more I thought about it, the more the concept behind this idea resonated with me.

Strengthing our ability to be resilient is a growing need. I truly believe that personal resiliency, in addition to community resiliency can help us to achieve a more balanced world. A world where every one of us can benefit from health and wellbeing and be buffered from the impact of climate change. We do, however, need to acknowledge that this can't be all fluffy clouds and rainbows (although who wouldn't love a few days like that!). Life is full of challenges, and for some people, this can be overwhelming and unbearable.

For many of us who can feel grateful for living with our essential needs, of water, shelter and food, realising that we have the ability to cope alone, and together is empowering. Maybe we should all take a few moments every day to consider this. So next time you hit the shower turn the tap to cold for 30 seconds. Take a moment to breathe and notice that you can do this, you can keep going and you can strengthen your inner resilience.

And if none of this resonates with you apparently a short blast of cold can also be great for your hair. After all, we all feel and benefit from things in different ways.

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