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5 vids to inspire you

Summer may seem like a strange time to spend time in front of the big screen but in the middle of the European heatwave, we often find ourselves hiding in the coolness of closed blinds for several hours at a time. I find sitting still and watching an inspirational story is a perfect way to recalibrate. Here are five of my recent discoveries:

If you ever wondered how people open their hearts unconditionally to others then this is a fantastic documentary for you. Focused on the story of little Tashi trying to find her way in the world, this gently filmed narrative introduces us to the community of Jhamtse Gatsal: The Garden of Love and Compassion, in the Indian Himalayas. One to encourage us to be more compassionate, understanding and loving to friends and strangers.

The skills of the crew filming this incredible transformation are second to none. Somehow the creators have been able to share a combination of raw beauty and struggle that will keep you hooked to the screen for the full duration. It might also make you want to start planting a few veggies or fruit in your own yard or balcony...or perhaps inspire you to step on to a new path in life.

Featuring many of the world's leading masterminds on meditation and mindfulness, this doc is a great one for anyone unsure about meditating. Shannon Harvey's search for answers on the benefits of meditation is beautifully told. It wasn't quite enough to initiate a meditation session for my wonderful man, but it did allow him to see that mindfulness can be so much more, and be found in some unexpected places.

Another documentary focusing on whether scientific evidence can support practices that are so often dismissed by the medical community. This time the focus is on grounding, connecting to the earth and placing our bare feet exactly where they should be...on the ground. The impact on inflammation is being increasingly explored and as much as this is at the centre of this movie, the journey of a Clinton Ober..who can be credited for inventing the modem is just as intriguing. I am sure every viewer takes to the garden or street after for a quick trial.

This one combines a love of sport, in Fiona Oakes' case ultrarunning, an appreciation of nature and a desire to raise awareness of the impact of the human diet on animals. The sheer fact that Fiona is the fastest woman in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents is a reason to watch this alone. If you are in need of gentle encouragement to get moving (maybe not running an ultra-marathon) or to consider a mindful approach to eating, this is ideal.

Happy watching (don't forget the cool water and popcorn)!

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Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash


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