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5 Steps to Confidently Navigate Career Changes Without Losing Income

A big fear for many of my coaching clients is that they will earn a different income if they change how they work or their roles. They worry that changing their medical career will be less financially secure.

These fears often stop them from exploring the options they daydream about.

Most clients want the courage and confidence to take that next step…out of their current role, often out of full-time clinical medicine but…without a big drop in financial income, so they can change their career and feel secure.

Part of this fear is of the unknown, whether the next step is financially viable, and whether it will result in a big loss of income. What impact this could have on their lives?

My clients desire to control their money situation and have a better relationship with money so they can move into a situation where money is not the only driver for them.

They realize the uncertainty will remain uncertain if they allow the fear to stay.

The time has come to change careers to have more balance, more control of their time, be more present in their relationships, and do medicine differently…but the questions around money hold them back from exploring that next step.

They realize that something has to shift.

They need to take control instead of letting fear be in control. By taking control, they can shift their relationship with money and start seeing their next step as an opportunity to earn what they need for their best life.

Through their 1:1 personalized coaching relationship, they can explore and shift their relationship with money.

After working together, they have greater confidence in how they perceive money, why it is important, and crucially, how much they need. They know what money means to them and how they want to manage it as they transition into their career.

This support allows them to be fearless when they explore their next steps. Here are 5 steps we start with….

1. Understand your needs

Getting clear on what amount of money you need to live the life you want is the first step in changing your relationship with money. Create a simple practice so you can regularly see what money is coming in, what money is going out…and why! Getting clear will allow you to keep this as a goalpost as you consider new and exciting options for your next career step.

2. Explore what you think about money

Many of us have negative beliefs about money and what it can do. These beliefs can often result in you choosing to ignore financial situations or underestimate the value of money in your lives. Start to explore what you think about money and why this might be holding you back from moving forward.

3. Dream bigger

Once you know how much money you need to live your current life, dare to dream bigger. What do you desire in your life to make you feel fulfilled every day? Create a detailed wishlist of the life you want and the financial value this has. This can serve as a goal as you manifest the life you want and the means to do it.

4. Conquer tricky conversations

If you are not used to speaking about money and feel uncomfortable, this can stop you from asking for what you need or being able to negotiate a situation successfully. Take control of the tricky conversations by being clear on your needs, how you can communicate them clearly, and what the other person's needs are. Having clear and confident communication allows you to create opportunities to provide financial stability.

5. Redefine certainty

Take a moment to think about what is genuinely certain in your life. Reflect on whether your financial situation is certain. Very few things are certain in this world. Start to shift your perspective to get comfortable with uncertainty, embrace it, and see the adventure and opportunities it can bring.

Are you looking for more clarity for your next career step? Would you like a clearer idea of where you want to head to? Do you want to find your true purpose so you can live your best life?

I work with my coaching clients to help them get greater clarity so they can find and create a flexible career they love. If you want to find out more about my coaching programs, book a free discovery call

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