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3 Mindful Practices to Overcome the Fear of Failure When Changing Career

Fear of failure can often linger as you think about your next career step.

The endless thoughts of ‘what if it doesn’t work out’ can become a barrier that stops you from moving into the unknown.

Embracing change, and all the ups and downs that come with it can feel smoother with a more mindful approach.

Instead of resisting the fear, we can acknowledge it, observe it, and gently release it!

Here are three mindful practices that you can do today to help you release the fear of failure and welcome change as you start your career transition.

1. Cultivate self-compassion

Begin by turning your attention inward. In moments of fear and self-doubt, practice mindful awareness. Acknowledge the emotions that are coming up without judgment. Treat yourself compassionately, and be as kind to yourself as you would to a friend. Observe the fear as it arises and let it pass, knowing that it is part of the experience. Embracing self-compassion allows you to hold your fears gently, creating space for acceptance and self-love to grow.

2. Embrace failure as a mindful teacher

Approach failure with a mindful perspective. Instead of seeing it as a barrier, view it as part of a lesson on your journey. Mindfully reflect on your experiences without allowing your inner critic to rear its’ head. By repositioning failures as opportunities for growth and learning, you can transform them into stepping stones toward your goals. This shift helps dissolve the fear, replacing it with curiosity and adventure.

3. Practice mindful visualization and set intentional goals

Try practicing mindful visualization to really see and feel your version of success. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sensations, emotions, and vision of achieving your goals. Set yourself intentional goals, not just for your next job but how you want to live your best life. Each step can become a mindful practice, grounding you in the present moment. By being fully present, you can reduce the power of fear, instead allowing intention to guide your actions. As you mindfully navigate change, you'll discover that the fear of failure no longer defines your path.

Are you looking for more clarity for your next career step? Would you like a clearer idea of where you want to head to? Do you want to find your true purpose so you can live your best life?

I work with my coaching clients to help them get greater clarity so they can find and create a flexible career they love. If you want to find out more about my coaching programs, book a free discovery call


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