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The physician coaching program to transition to a more flexible career outside of full-time clinical medicine so that you can have more control over your time, more balance in your life, and make a bigger impact.
(WITHOUT… sacrificing your income or throwing away everything you’ve worked for.)

A Sneak Peak Inside, Reset, Physician Coaching for Mindful Doctors
Program Deliverables
  • Find and create a career you love outside of full-time clinical medicine. A career where you’re excited to go to work and have the best work-life balance you have ever had. A career that gives you more control of your hours, where you feel valued and appreciated. One that aligns with your values so you can be yourself, feel challenged and finally find joy, fulfilment and contentment.

  • Find your true purpose and create your own vision of success so you can help people, give more to the world, be a role model and leave a legacy that impacts people’s lives.

  • Prioritise your physical and mental health to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. Transform your mindset so you can be calm and resilient and leave work at work without feeling guilty. Recharge your energy so you can transition while reconnecting with your partner and family and being present in all your relationships.

  • Use your medical skills and experience to add value and practice medicine in a way that allows you to focus on wellness or any other field you desire. Follow the ideal path to incorporate your passions into a portfolio career and transition into your dream life with confidence and financial stability.

The DHARMA Method

The Dharma method is specifically designed to support doctors through a successful career transition.

Built on the concept of a holistic approach, I will guide you through these steps so you can create a sustainable change. 


  • A dive deep into your current situation to understand the best way to transition into a balanced fulfilling career and identify what is currently holding you back.

  • Gain the clarity that’s needed so you can create a flexible career outside full-time clinical medicine that is perfect for you.


  • Build your confidence and overcome the fear of uncertainty to make sure your transition continues to provide you with financial stability.

  • Be confident in being your authentic self so you can follow your desired career path and overcome hesitation.

  • Develop, connect and follow your intuition so you can make positive decisions and share your passions with those around you. 


  • Holistic mindfulness to rebalance and re-energise so you can make the transition and be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself at work and at home.

  • Develop and maintain a positive mindset and healthy boundaries so you can communicate your needs and prioritise your health and well-being as you transition.


  • Together we’ll find ways you can combine your experience and expertise to pivot to focus on wellness (or any other field that lights you up!). 

  • I’ll show you how I successfully transitioned into my own 6-figure career outside of clinical medicine and followed my dreams so you can create that for yourself.

I cannot recommend Rachel more highly. Our coaching journey has been transformative. She is so insightful, challenging and supportive. Thank you Rachel!

Laura - Consultant, OBGYN

Your Reset Program Physician Coach

Dr Rachel Beanland, MD 

  • Created her flexible career as a Public Health Consultant, physician coach and mindfulness meditation teacher

  • Graduate of the School of Positive Transformation - Integrative Coaching.

  • Trained in clinical medicine in the UK before transitioning to Public Health and following her passion for Global Health and holistic wellness. 

  • Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health, UK and Action Learning Set facilitator. 

  • Certified yoga and breathwork teacher. 

  • Host of the Authentic Tea Podcast. 

  • Selected teacher in Insight Timer community and app since 2019. 

  • Has supported 100s of doctors in more than 15 countries to make an impact in their medical careers. 

  • Has developed a successful consulting business, working with more than 8 different UN organisations and numerous NGOs on global public health issues. 

  • Lived in 5 different countries and worked in 3 languages

  • Lives a debt-free and low-carbon lifestyle, remotely working from the foothills of the French Pyrenees. 


  • Transition and career change for Doctors. 

  • Mindset and mindfulness. 

  • Positive psychology and behaviour change.

Dr Rachel Beanland, Physician Coach
What's Included In The Reset Program

4 Months of Coaching & Support


12 x 60-minute 1:1 flexibly scheduled weekly coaching sessions with

Dr Rachel Beanland delivered by Zoom. 

Welcome pack with personalized resources to support you through the program. 

Monthly resource pack with evidence-based tools to create sustainable change and a successful career transition. 

Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus 1: Strategy Session  

60-minute strategy session with Dr Rachel Beanland to explore how to pivot into a new career.


Bonus 2: Career Transition Plan

90-minute deep-dive session with Dr Rachel Beanland to create your personalised 6-month transition plan.


Bonus 3: Written feedback  

Monthly written journal to update your coach on progress & create accountability.




Exclusive access to 120 days of unlimited email support and coaching from Dr Rachel Beanland. 



Make sure to join before the end of March to get your 25% discount

( an amazing €1000 reduction)! 

€ 2999


4 payments of €833 (monthly)

What Previous Clients Say...
"I introduced mindfulness-based practices and tools for structured self-reflection."
Rachel has a really open manner and picks up on cues, pulls apart problems and turns things on their head."
"Sessions with Rachel are great for building a long-term reflective and intentional way forward."
"The sessions were useful to focus on barriers and challenges with someone outside my closest sphere."
"I have gained clarity of perspective,,,and more confidence to stick with what I am passionate about.."
"All the resources have been great for nurturing positive change and for clear tools going forward."

I could easily fill this entire page with many success stories because I’ve helped medical professionals all over the world move out of their draining career and into a more fulfilling one.


So if you want 2024 to be the year that you finally start living life on your terms,

in a career that you are passionate about.....


Book a call below to find out more.


Hit the button below, book a time and date that works for you

Do you still have questions?

Send me a DM or email me at


I will get back to you! 

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