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Creating unique paths in medicine




I help doctors transition to a flexible career outside full-time medicine so they can control their time, have more balance in their lives and make a bigger impact. 

As a Public Health Doctor, physician coach and mindfulness meditation teacher, I've supported doctors in more than 15 countries to make a bigger impact in their careers.  I am passionate about helping you beat physician burnout and do medicine differently so you can live your dream life. 

Doctors, there is room for everything

Resilience is all about finding balance in an unbalanced world. The traditional medical model can leave you feeling like a square peg in a round hole. If you are at a crossroads in your career, it is easy to feel stuck, drained and unfulfilled. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can do medicine differently, by being mindful and conscious about your career transitions. My work as a physician coach is designed to help you regain clarity, feel more confident about sharing your passions and energised so you can be healthy and happy and still leave a legacy in the world.

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Receive personalised guidance & accountability with 1:1 coaching through your career transition. Carve out the space to get clarity, build confidence & stay healthy & happy as your reach your goals. 

Courses & Workshops

Enroll in masterclasses, online courses or workshops to receive guidance on how to create the foundation & prepare for a successful career transition. 


Join me for live streams, interviews & conversations about mindfulness, career transitions & life transformations.

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Gain career clarity

If you are ready to transition, I'd love to spend 60 minutes with you exploring the possibility of a flexible medical career. A career where you can be yourself, feel calmer, focus on your passions, be more present in your relationships and leave work at work. 

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The Authentic Tea podcast explores topics related to mindfulness, career transitions, life transformations and making a bigger impact. I believe that authenticity is the key to creating and living our best lives, and I love to use connection with others to share this with you! 

Kind Words

Rachel helped me prioritise and balance all areas of my life, aligned with my value and purpose . She was there 100 per cent when I needed her in my ups and downs; I would highly recommend her, as she helped me get closer to my dreams. She is such an amazing human and I thoroughly liked her mentorship. 

I cannot recommend Rachel more highly. Our coaching journey has been transformative. She is so insightful, challenging and supportive.

Thank you Rachel! 

Rachel's enthusiasm and dedication inspired me to be optimistic. Her insights and advice on how to combat negative emotions and acknowledge small achievements were invaluable. She was compassionate, thorough, and professional - definitely one of the best career coaches out there.


GP & Functional Medicine




Community Medicine

I feel positive and happy about the future. And that is everything I wanted when I started coaching.  I wanted to feel that not only was it real and possible,  but it was valuable, worthy, and credible,  and that I didn't have to defend it. It feels exactly the way I want you to feel. I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

The sessions have been really useful, it's been so good to focus on perceived barriers and challenges with someone outside my closest sphere. Rachel has a really open manner and picks up on cues, pulls apart problems and turns things on their head. I have gained clarity as well more confidence to stick to what I'm passionate about. 

Rachel is a very gifted coach and her sessions are well crafted, providing space for reflection and really encouraging you to dig deeper and answer those important questions for yourself. 


GP & Embodied Coach


GP & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner


Public Health Medicine

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