Conscious awakening virtual retreat

20-21st March 2021


A two-day virtual yoga and meditation retreat to awaken your mind, body and soul with conscious practices. 


Take time to celebrate the change of seasons, reconnect with yourself and the world around you.  

Pause, look inwards and prepare yourself to move forward with compassion, strength and resilience. 

Does life feel like it is moving too fast and you want to press the pause button?


Do you struggle to create time for yoga, meditation or self-care?

Would you like to act more consciously in your every day life? 

If the answer is yes then this retreat is the perfect experience for you! 

Imagine feeling refreshed, refocused and ready for the year ahead 

Create a special moment for you to retreat at home: 

Feel connected to your body with Hatha and vinyasa flows, meal plans and recipe ideas. 

Feel connected to your breath with pranayama, meditation and restorative yoga.  

Feel connected to nature using evidence-based practices. 

Feel connected to your soul by visualising your values and goals for the year ahead. 

Let yoga and meditation support you to consciously create a new path and a new way of living. 

The retreat will be held on the

20th and 21st of March 2021. 

These dates coincide with the Spring Equinox and provide the perfect moment to connect to the natural world. 

The schedule includes live yoga classes, meditation, guest workshops and sessions on conscious living. It also includes suggestions on how to spend your free time in the day to maximise the retreat feeling at home.


All timings are Central European Time. Sessions will be held on Zoom and recorded so you can replay if you are not able to join live.  


DAY 1 focuses on practices to help you to listen to your body and mind and connect to the present moment. 

Schedule includes: 

  • 30 mins opening circle and meditation 

  • 1hr Energising vinyasa yoga class

  • 1hr Class on plant-based nutrition

  • 1h30 Workshop on finding your sankalpa 

  • 45 mins Calming Hatha Yoga class 



DAY 2 includes conscious practices to prepare your mind and body for the months ahead. 


Schedule includes: 

  • 1hr Meditation and pranayama class

  • 30mins Intention setting practice 

  • 1hr30 Workshop on visualising success

  • 30mins Yoga Nidra session 

  • 30mins Closing circle 

  • In addition to the LIVE classes and workshops, all retreat attendees will receive a Digital Care Package including:

  • Tips on how to prepare for your virtual retreat.

  • Journal prompts and suggestions on how to make the most of the 2 days.

  • Links to pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes. 

  • Recipes and a meal plan to support conscious eating during the retreat. 

  • A free gift to guide conscious intention setting.  



As the founder of Resilience Yoga, I am so excited to share my love of yoga, meditation and conscious living with you during this 2-day virtual retreat. I will be teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra.

These mindful practices have been a key part of my own transformation and guide how I live my life today.


Taking time to focus on my own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing has been enhanced by my yoga path.  The more I explore yoga practices the more I can connect to myself and the world around me. The Spring Equinox is a time to celebrate the change in the seasons and the new life that emerges at this time of year. By connecting to this natural change I hope that you can also enhance your self-care and awaken into a new approach to living more consciously. . 

Imagine a weekend immersion into yoga, meditation and conscious practices and giving your body, mind and soul a complete refresh! 

  •  5 hours of yoga and meditation sessions 

  • 4 hours of guest workshops and classes.

  • Created and delivered by 3 conscious living experts. 


  • PLUS 2 hours of pre-recorded content to use in your own time AND access to all class recordings. 





Tickets are no longer available. 

If you would like to find out more about future events and retreats please send an email to rach@resilienceyoga.fr 

or sign up to join the Resilience Yoga community. 

Any questions? Drop me an email rach@resilienceyoga.fr

Meet The Guests


Gillian Cramb

C&E HR Consultancy

I started C&E HR Consultancy from my home in the South of France. I started my career as a Language Teacher and having managed several language schools of my own led me into the world of Training and Development. 

I have personally spent a long time finding what I wanted to do in life. I have been on a long personal journey which meant I gained invaluable skills and experience. I do wish, however, that I had had somebody who could have directed me better when I was younger. I want to be able to do for others what I never had available to me. I want to be able to help people find their career paths and help to inspire their personal development journeys. This is where the concept of C&E came from.

I love what I do and I especially love helping professionals to find a sense of work-life balance through an entirely holistic learning experience. I offer a range of services including Coaching and Mentoring, CV Writing and Recruitment Bundles as well as Career Guidance.


Emma Penrose

Love Nutrition 

After moving from the UK to France in 2011 I discovered a much healthier way of life.  I was much more active and found I was eating less processed and more whole foods and fresh produce.  It wasn’t long before I noticed how much healthier and more energetic I felt.  

This piqued my interest in nutrition and how what we eat and how we live our lives can directly affect our health and how we feel. So I set out to learn more and am now a fully certified nutrition and lifestyle coach, helping others to realise their own health goals. 


Having been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old I went on to gain a certificate in plant-based nutrition and am now well-placed to help others make the transition in an as healthiest way as possible.

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