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  • Do you find it hard to know what to do next in your career?

  • Do you want to feel less guilty for wanting to leave your current specialty?

  • Do you want more clarity on your transferable skills and how to use them?

  • Would you like to find a role that doesn't lead to the same stress and pressure?

  • Would you like to stop the fear of loss of income or financial instability from holding you back from making a career change?

  • Would you like more time to invest in quality time for your well-being?

  • Would you like to find more meaning and value in your work?

  • Do you wish you had more energy to do the things that bring you joy?

  • Would you like to feel more confident about stepping into a new career?

  • Do you wish you had a better work-life balance?

  • Would you like to commit to doing something you love in medicine?

If You Answered YES To Any OF These Questions,

Then Join The Reset Your Medical Career Workshop to 

 Pause, Reflect, Learn


Start Making Changes To Live The Life You Dream Of! 


Does this sound like you?

In This Transformational 3 Day Workshop You Will Learn: 

  • How to accept where you are right now so you can move forward with confidence.

    • Celebrate your career successes and acknowledge your current situation so you can identify and challenge the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward.

  • How to follow your passions so you can do medicine differently.

    • Explore and understand your passions that you can combine with your expertise and experience to do medicine differently and have a greater impact.

  • How to maintain a positive mindset, so you feel good during your career transition.

    • Be less impacted by negative influences and expectations so you can feel healthy and happy as your transition your career.


Hello I am Dr Rachel Beanland, MD

I have a flexible career as a Public Health Consultant, physician coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. I specialise in helping doctors transition to a flexible career outside of full-time clinical medicine so they can control their time, have more balance and make a bigger impact.


I trained in clinical medicine in the UK before transitioning to Public Health and following my passion for Global Health and holistic wellness. Working in hospital medicine, I loved the interaction with patients, the teamwork with colleagues and the opportunities for learning but felt drained of energy. Life outside the wards was chaotic, and I had zero time to prioritize my own health. I wanted to find a meaningful career path and make a bigger impact. I knew I wanted to feel fulfilled by my work but not at the expense of my well-being.


Fast forward 15+ years, and I love working to improve the health of populations around the world and make conscious decisions about what the world of medicine means to me…with a healthy body and mind!


I believe that the joy of medicine is diversity; the joy of life is that we are all unique, and we can create our own paths to happiness. An amazing work-life balance is possible in medicine and looks different for everyone!

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What's Included In The Workshop


  • 3 Days Of Live Interactive Workshop Training Delivered By Dr Rachel Beanland

  • Private 'Member's Only' Pop-Up Facebook Group 

  • Dedicated Time To Reflect & Catch Up The Workshop Content

  • A Downloadable Reset Your Medical Career Workbook

  • BONUS: Level 10 Life Workbook 

  • BONUS: Cultivating Resilience ToolKit 

  • BONUS: Self-Care Checklist 

  • BONUS: Financial Freedom Video Training

What To Expect During The Workshop

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The Reset Your Medical Career workshop what participants say
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- Join The Reset Your Medical Career Workshop TODAY!-

Join Today For Just €37 

Are You Ready to Join the 100's of Doctors Who Have Already Reset Their Careers? 

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Helen, New Zealand

I really enjoyed this workshop. I am finding lots of things I am continuing to think on during the day & wanting to talk to my partner & friends about all my new thoughts! 

Victoria, UK

This workshop was truly excellent!
Rachel is a very gifted coach & her sessions are so well crafted, providing space for relfection & really encouraging you to dig deeper and answer those really important questions yourself.
After only 1 session I was already feeling calmer, more positive & more grounded and I was so grateful to Rachel for providing such
a healing and purposeful space! 

Tatenda, Zimbabwe

The workshop was eyeopening 
& I appreciated learning from other's experiences & opinions! 


What time are the workshops held?

 The live workshop sessions will be held Sunday to Tuesday at 20h00 Central European Time (CET). The replays will be available immediately after the live sessions. 

How long are the workshop sessions?

The live workshop sessions will be between 45 minutes - 1 hour. You may also want to allocate time to use the workbook to reflect on what you have learned each day. 

How do I access the workshop content?

The workshop and all the live sessions will be held in an exclusive pop-up Facebook group. You will receive information on how to join the group when you register for the workshop. 

Thank you for joining the waiting list! We will be in touch soon.

Start your journey with our 3-day Reset Your Medical Career Workshop. Gain the clarity and confidence you need for a flexible career path. By joining our waiting list, you'll be the first to be informed about the next workshop dates, ensuring you don't miss this opportunity to align your career with your dreams! 

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