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An exclusive 6 month coaching program. 

Unique and personalized sessions to help you to focus on your new career ideas so you can start doing medicine differently and make progress with your goals.

Build clarity and confidence to create your flexible career path outside of full-time clinical medicine. 


What's included:

Flexibly scheduled weekly 1:1 coaching sessions on Zoom with Dr Rachel Beanland.



Intake form and personalized welcome pack. 

Initial 90-minute deep dive session to create your 6-month personalized career transition plan.

60-minute vision and goal-setting session. 

A monthly resource pack to support you through the program. 

Ongoing email support for the duration of the program. 

A VIP day to be held during the program to re-energize and refocus. 



Bonus session to create a network and outreach plan. 

Receive feedback on your monthly review and reflection journal. 

Guided meditation classes. 


Commit Program

10 000,00 €Price