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Motivation - the Authentic Tea podcast with Ericka

Ericka has created an online community called Where’s My Mojo At sharing tips with her mojo makers on mindfulness, mindset, skincare, nutrition and happiness.

Ericka is sharing her experience of being a General Practitioner and her expertise in gut health, skin health and mental wellbeing to support others to develop healthy approaches to self-care.

Episode 29 features a chat with Ericka. Join us to hear more about how Ericka discovered mindfulness, meditation, affirmations and visualisations to create balance and positivity in her life. It was fantastic to reconnect with Ericka and hear how she has created her path through her career and stays healthy and energetic.

Rachel (00:00):

It's wonderful to be joined by Ericka for this episode, Ericka has created an online community called Where's My Mojo At, and she's sharing tips with her mojo makers on mindfulness mindset, skincare, nutrition, and happiness. Ericka is sharing her experience of being a general practitioner and her expertise in gut health, skin health, and mental wellbeing to support others to develop healthy approaches to self-care. Ericka also runs a business, sharing the Auburn skincare brand and product. Thanks, Ericka for being with us today.

Ericka (00:34):

Thank you for having me. It's lovely. It's nice to hear your voice again after so many years.

Rachel (00:40):

Yeah. It's wonderful to reconnect with you. Ericka and I were at university together and trained together a long time ago. It feels like a really long time ago. Maybe you can give us a glimpse of where you've taken your life and career to now. And when you started to explore the relationship between gut health, skin health, and the importance of nutrition, where did that come from through your medical career?

Ericka (01:10):

I'll try and keep it short because it's a long story. Rachel and I met med school many years ago and after doing my general medical training, I decided to go into general practice. I completed my general practice training in 2006, so quite a time ago. Since then, I've had three children and was working almost full time as a GP. I was also very busy doing lots of things for schools. I was chairing school PTA and being a school governor and doing all these things. And to be honest, I didn't have much time left for my kids and I was really quite close to burnout. That was probably about five years ago.

Ericka (02:04):

I started feeling a bit stuck in my life, enjoying lots of elements of being able to serve, but not the bits where I was missing out on time with my children, feeling emotionally drained, and not having enough to give anyone back. So I spent a bit of time thinking what else can I do? How are my skills transferable? There's gotta be something else out there. To live really a more balanced life is what I wanted. I just wanted more time with my children and to still be able to have a career.

Ericka (02:38):

So I ended up looking at lots of different things and heard about a brand called Auburn through another doctor. And once I heard about what the brand was and the whole ethos behind the brand, and how it was something that I could build up along with everything I did and not have to retrain, I just thought, "Oh my goodness! This could be it. This could be the thing that creates more balance in my life."

Ericka (03:08):

So I decided to partner with the brand three and a half years ago now. I was pregnant with my third child at that time. What it's enabled me to do now is I'm working less than half the hours in general practice as I was before. Now I only work two days. I am, therefore, much more present for my children. The days I do work are shorter and I get to also then build a business. I don't do it in the evenings when the children are asleep. My life is much more balanced now, but what that has introduced me to is all these other things. It's introduced me to mindfulness, it's introduced me to gut health, and looking more at skincare, healthy aging, and all these things that I've become really passionate about. So through starting a business to create balance in my life, I've learned about nutrition and skincare properly.

Rachel (04:14):

How did that happen? If we take the mindfulness, for example, how did that happen at the same time as you starting to develop that business? Is it something that the business introduced you to, or was it it that you were doing something different so you had faith to explore something new?

Ericka (04:31):

Yes. It's competitively introduced through the business. Initially, I started it because I wanted the ability to earn a separate stream so that I could cut back my GP hours. But then after being in the business for a little while, I realized that everybody who was very successful in the business was doing all these things like meditating and practicing visualization and affirmations, and doing a lot of personal development so reading all the books and investing in courses and things.

Ericka (05:08):

So I thought, "If all these successful people, people that are where I want to be are doing that stuff, then I need to give it a go as well." And lots of people were talking about the law of attraction and the book called The Secret, which probably some of your listeners will have heard of. So I thought, "Okay, I'm just going to watch The Secret documentary on Netflix." And it literally was like, "Oh wow. I can get behind this.

Ericka (05:38):

It made sense to my logical scientific brain. What I probably previously thought was a bit out and weird, I thought, "Actually, there is some science behind this. I need to start giving this a go." That was my introduction really. Yeah, it was the business that then led me to the law of attraction. Then I started implementing things into my life.

Ericka (06:04):

I started first doing meditations; pretty short meditations. I used an app called Headspace to start me off on that journey because I found that, again, that was quite a logical easy way into it. Then what that did is it made me relax and I learned to switch off my brain, which was always like buzzing around. I found that I could use that as a tool to de-stress myself. If I feel my stress levels rising, I can easily just take three minutes to control my breathing and just reset and feel better.

Ericka (06:42):

I started practicing affirmations daily and I noticed that things really started to improve, not just in my business, but in my personal life. Also, within me becoming more confident in the conversations that I was having with people. And they are part of my everyday practice now.