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How to Restart a Healthy Habit After A Pause

Does it feel hard to get going again? I see a lot of my clients who struggle with getting back into a rhythm with daily habits.

It can be a challenge to prioritise time for yourself and build a daily routine - it can be even harder if you have had a break.

It's very easy to get distracted and out the habit - particularly after time off for holidays, injury or illness.

It can feel like too much effort and energy to start again.

Does this sound familiar?

You know that adding more mindfulness and self-care makes you feel more positive in your day.

You quickly see the benefits when you make these habits part of your day-to-day.

So how can you easily get back to doing the things you want to do for your self-care regularly without it becoming another thing on the to-do list?

Here are a few tips that I use to help me get back to a regular routine....and instantly feeling more energised and positive!

1. Start small

If you have a break - be realistic with your expectations. Start by adding in small amounts of activity i.e. 5 minutes of meditation. Even just starting to roll out your mat and taking a few moments for yourself will kick-start the habit again. Try to avoid setting yourself a mammoth kind to yourself and you will notice that it starts to feel easy. If you wanted to run a marathon would you start by running 20k?

2. Practice acceptance

Let go of the past and where you were. Instead of trying to 'get back to' what you were doing before - see your practice as the right thing for you right now. This is especially important if you are recovering from illness or injury. Acknowledging that you are exactly where you need to be today will help you let go of any expectations and allow you to focus on the present moment.

3. Be open to exploration

Any yoga, meditation or mindful practice does not need to always look the same. I love to explore new approaches and ways to add them to my day. Listen to your body and mind and see what you need right now. Maybe you would benefit from some deep relaxing yin yoga to end your day, or an energising breathwork session to get you going in the morning. Your life and the challenges in it will change all the time so let your daily practices change to reflect that.

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