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5 books to find clarity and build confidence

Books are beautiful instruments for growth, learning and change. I have been an avid book lover since a small child. I would frequently spend summer holidays returning to the library each week to renew my loaned books so I could explore some more. Reading remains a place of solace for me, books are somewhere I can escape to another world for a few minutes of the day. Over the years books have also provided a source of reflection and self-enquiry when I have needed it and helped me to find clarity and confidence to keep moving forward.

In this post I share five books to find clarity and build confidence, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

1. Daring greatly: how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead. Brené Brown

Brené Brown has published many books over the years but Daring Greatly remains a great place to start to explore more about Brené Brown's approach and research. Through storytelling, Brené urges us to own our own stories, have the courage to be vulnerable and live the lives we truly want to live. The truth and honesty presented in this book are refreshing and most readers will find parallels in their own lives. This is a perfect book for anyone wanting to be more open and authentic. You can also listen to her TED talk on the power of vulnerability, which remains one of the top viewed TED talks ever.

2. Range - Why generalists trump in a specialized world. David Epstein

David Epstein combines his background in journalism and science to deliver a book that challenges out view of the path to success. Using many examples from the world of sport and science David shares findings to demonstrate the value of a more generalised approach. This is a great book for anyone who finds themselves working or living in an environment where everyone seems to be a specialist and it's difficult to see your own value. He provides a glimpse of what the future will look like for individuals who have broad skills and experience, and how valuable their place in the world will be.

3. Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking Susan Cain

I have followed Susan Cain's Quiet Revolution for many years and this book shares some of the stories of individuals who have successfully navigated the world despite being up against a revolution that favours more extroverted personalities. If you resonate with any aspects of introvertion, or feel like an ambivert, or maybe you are an outright extrovert this book provides an insight into the challenges of living in a world that is created for people who expend energy outwards. I love that Susan talks about restorative niches- the places where introverts go to recharge their energy. I can certainly create a long list of my favorite places, including my yoga mat! If you want to hear more Susan's TED talk is also a great watch

4. Louder than words: Harness the power of your authentic voice Todd Henry

Todd Henry shares his wisdom on developing an authentic voice to share ideas, products and your dreams more confidently. The book works through some of the key challenges that we face in trying to share our visions. Todd shares ideas on how to gain clarity on who we are and where we are going so that we can start to create a path to achieve success and create impact. The book also includes some simple daily practices to help strengthen your inner voice, by connecting to yourself and including relational activities with others who can support you in your goals. A subtle book that gently guides the reader to consider how to share their inner thoughts. Perfect for anyone feeling that their authentic voice is stuck and needs some gentle coaxing to come out.

5. Time to Think - Nancy Kline

I was introduced to this book and Nancy Kline's approach to creating a thinking environment during coaching at a time when I found it difficult to navigate the next steps in life. Nancy has identified the key elements to facilitate quality thinking, to enable us to do our best thinking and to truly listen to the thoughts of others. This book includes some practical approaches to implement in any situation when the quality of communication impacts the outcome. The book includes an outline of the Thinking Environment model, and while they may sound simple I promise you will be able to identify moments when they are not being met in your interactions with other people. This is a great read if you want to find your own solutions and provide the space for you and other people to think clearly and believe in the value of your thoughts.

Find the book that resonates with you and head off to your restorative niche for some guidance and inspiration.

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